Just for Teen Parents

Being a teen is tough.  So is being a parent.  If you are doing both at the same time, you are likely to encounter some pretty unique challenges.

As a teen pateen-preg-kernrent, you are now responsible for raising a happy, healthy child all while figuring out your future.  The good news is that with the right support, you can meet your goals and be a great parent.  Check out the local programs below that can provide you with assistance in your new journey.

Local Shawnee County Programs: 

*Highland Park Parent-Child Learning Center:   http://learnplaygrow.org/highland-park-parent-child-learning-center.html

*Hope Street Parent-Child Learning Center:  http://www.hopestreetonline.org/pclc.html

*Successful Connections: https://www.unitedwaytopeka.org/work/sc/

*Healthy Families: https://www.kcsl.org/HealthyFamilies.aspx

*Headstart and Early Headstart: http://www.dcf.ks.gov/services/ees/Pages/Child_Care/Head-Start-%28HS%29-and-Early-Head-Start%28EHS%29.aspx

*Parents as Teachers:

            Topeka Public Schools PAT: http://pat.topekapublicschools.net/

            Shawnee Heights PAT: http://www.snh450.k12.ks.us/district.cfm?subpage=80990

            Seaman PAT: http://www.snh450.k12.ks.us/district.cfm?subpage=80990

                Auburn Washburn PAT: http://usd437.net/teach/ece/about.phpjourney.